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USPLA North American Championship Meet Update

July 17, 2012

Before I (Greg L) walked on to the platform, I chalked my sweaty hands at the bowl. Normally, you don’t need to chalk your hands before a back squat. But this wasn’t just another rep. This was going to be the heaviest weight I’d ever been under. 467.5 pounds. My adrenaline was racing. The music … Continue Reading

FIT’s Rick Fath Wins Bridge to Bridge 10K Swim

July 12, 2012

When Rick emerged from the frigid Bay water at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, he had a giant smile on his face. With a time of 1 hour and 40 minutes, Rick was the first swimmer to finish the Bridge to Bridge 10k swim last Saturday. “I swallowed a lot of salt water,” … Continue Reading

Coach Rick takes aim at the Fittest on Earth

March 20, 2012

Endurance has the Kona Ironman, cycling has the Tour de France, and weightlifting has the World Championships. These marquee competitions crown the best athletes in the world in their respective sports. In the last 10 years, CrossFit, the new “sport of fitness,” has emerged and with it, its marquee competition: the CrossFit Games. What is … Continue Reading

INVIGORATE and ENJOY Your Golf Game.

October 13, 2010

Golf is a game that requires strength, flexibility, stamina, and a mental steel trap. Knowing that golf requires these attributes and obtaining them are quite different.  For individuals who have the game of golf nailed down, we call them professionals.  The rest of us are out there to enjoy nature, get some exercise, hang out … Continue Reading

Physical Activity and Sport

May 5, 2010

Back when we all went to school, physical education was a mandatory component of our education.  While that is not the case today, which saddens me on a number of levels thatI’ll address in a moment, I’m not sure it’s an entirely bad thing.  The physical education we received was, to my memory anyway, largely … Continue Reading

Making Exercise a Sport

May 5, 2010

Physical activity and exercise are interchangeable phrases, but sport is defined as: an individual or group competitive activity involving physical exertion or skill, governed by rules, and sometimes engaged in professionally (often used in the plural).  Physical activity is the goal for health and well-being but motivation can often be a challenge so why not … Continue Reading