Personal Training

Working with our trainers will be an experience like no other. Designed 100% around you, personal training is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Better still, at FiT, you’ll always feel welcome– we’re a local business that’s like one big extended family. Our trainers and personnel have been with us for years.

Getting started

Schedule an introductory assessment. Get an in-depth consultation where we recommend an exercise regime and look for opportunities to make meaningful, sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Alternatively, book a ½ complimentary consult that focuses on exercise.
After your assessment, either book and pay for sessions as you go or sign-up for our 12-week programs.

The 12-week program offers

  • Personalized, holistic coaching
  • Guaranteed weekly times and consistent exercise
  • Virtual workouts and vacation plans for when you can’t get to the gym
  • Energizing group fitness once a week
  • Track improvements with a Seca scan every 6 weeks.

Ongoing Training

We will educate, guide, and hold you accountable to your goals. At each workout, your trainer will check in with how you’re feeling to fine-tune each workout. We understand that life outside the gym can impact you. Then, at regular intervals, we’ll assess your progress and experiment with changes. After we analyze the impact, we’ll work with you to adjust your program as necessary so you can realize your full potential.

How clients describe FiT

Knowledge+Coaching+Accountability= Results


For when you can’t get to the gym.


Achieve zen mind and body.

Martial Arts

Hone your craft.