How do I get started?

Clients get started with either an in depth baseline assessment or 30 minute, complimentary consultation.

The baseline assessment includes movement assessment, evaluation of cardiovascular capacity, a body composition analysis and a comprehensive consultation evaluating habits and behaviors in eating, sleep hygiene, stress management and self care. We highly recommend doing a baseline assessment as you begin training so you get all proverbial ducks in a row from as you kick off your program.

The complimentary consult provides the movement and cardiovascular capacity assessments enabling our coaches to recommend a training regimen best suited to your needs and goals.

How frequently should I work out?

If you are new to exercise or just getting back into it, we recommend a minimum of two sessions a week with additional physical activity outside of your training sessions.

For avid fitness enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game, how frequently depends on the physical demands that need to be incorporated into a overall program. As a general rule, strength training at least two times a week is needed for progress to be made.

How is my trainer selected?

Following your initial session, we arrange training with a trainer who is best suited to your needs, personality and schedule. If there are options, we will send these to you to choose along with our recommendation.

Will I work with one trainer or can I work with multiple trainers?

This depends on your preference and trainer availability. It is not uncommon for clients to train with more than one coach. In order to ensure a consistent and progressive program, trainers use a shared app to track clients’ programs, progress and injuries or limitations. Trainers with shared clients meet frequently to collaborate on programming.

What if I want to change trainers?

Personal training is, well, personal. In the unlikely event that the trainer you are matched with is not an optimal fit, or another trainer is preferred for any reason, we are happy to work with you to switch. Our trainers work as a team and prioritize clients’ success and satisfaction. It’s not awkward if changes occur.

How does scheduling work?

Clients on subscription choose specific days and times at the onset of the 12- week period enabling both the client and the trainer to block off this time on their respective calendars.

Non-subscription clients may schedule sessions up to two weeks in advance. While we try, we are unable to guarantee time and trainer availability for non-subscription clients.

Can I use the gym on my own between sessions?

To ensure an optimal experience during individual and group sessions, the facility is not available for use outside of scheduled sessions.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy depends on which payment option you choose. Clients on a subscription plan may reschedule up to one week of training within each 12-week period. Functional fitness classes can be substituted for additional sessions that are missed ,or virtual training can be arranged so you can train wherever you are in the world!

For non-subscription clients, 48 hour notice is required to avoid being charged for sessions that will be missed.

What if I go on vacation?

Vacation and time-off are important to a healthy lifestyle. So you don’t disrupt your training and stay on a healthy track, we can provide pre-programmed work-outs or virtual 1:1 training if you prefer.

Do you provide nutrition or other health support?

FiT differentiates itself from ‘just a gym’ by taking a holistic approach to optimizing the health of our clients. We consider this to be health care in its purest definition. Clients receive guidance and support in eating, sleep hygiene, stress management and self care in addition to exercise.