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Greater Health and Fitness Require a Greater Understanding

Many people are stuck in the old thinking of better health is a two-element equation expressed as better-eating habits and more exercise. They try and optimize fitness using a version of the law of thermodynamics in which burning more calories than consumed results in weight loss and better health. As any sleep-deprived individual counting calories and hitting the gym will attest, this is far too simple a model to explain human biology or explain why they are not getting any healthier.

A Different and Comprehensive Approach

The importance of regular exercise and developing a movement-oriented lifestyle can’t be understated but it can be over emphasized as it is only one element of the complex puzzle optimum health. Better health, fitness, and longevity require a holistic model, one that includes what we know about human physiology.

FiT’s health hierarchy consists of five domains:

  1. eating strategy
  2. sleep hygiene
  3. stress management
  4. exercise prescription
  5. self-care

Using FiT’s baseline assessment process, we evaluate personal habits in each of these five areas to determine where support is needed and how best to set you up for success. The goal is to find those keystone behaviors which, when changed, positively affect choices and habits across all domains, coach, and support you. Through every step of this journey, we will assess progress, then experiment with changes, analyze their impact, and adjust as necessary to maximize your results.

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