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Busting through those Late Winter Plateaus!

March 9, 2012

So you’ve made it to March on your New Years Resolution program of eating better, sleeping more, and getting some exercise, but now you’re running out of steam.  I get it: you put all your gusto into changing all of your habits at once, and you’re just a little bit fatigued at this point.  Yes! … Continue Reading

Three Months and 5000 Handstand Push-Ups

January 11, 2011

During this past Fall my co-worker Danielle was inspired by the Burpee Challenge to do a handstand push-up challenge.  The purpose was to improve her strength and stamina and see what other benefits might occur.  I happened to be doing some handstand push-ups with her, and I decided join the challenge.  The Challenge Danielle and … Continue Reading