FOOD! Even just saying the word makes me hungry. This blog post will be a little different than the previous posts about how we eat. I am digging deeper into the who, what, when, where and why. Below are quotes from your favorite FiT trainers when asked questions on nutrition.


First off, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of us eat the way we do to fuel our performance. Without a balance in our nutrition and workouts, our performance would suffer in terms of both our own pursuits as well as our ability to be our best for our clients and co-workers. When asked why it’s so important to eat the way they do, here are some responses our trainers gave:
“Honestly, because I feel like crap if I don’t eat the way I do.”
“Boosts energy, improves mood, helps maintain a healthy weight, enables better/effective workouts”
“…I need to have consistent energy for my profession, hobby pursuits, and personal relationships from early morning to evenings”
Most of us don’t follow a strict nutrition plan but rather employ a nutrition strategy that guides our choices- some are Paleo based, some based on macronutrients quantities and proportions, and some just try to steer away from sweets and breads and towards nutrient dense, quality choices.


Finding time to eat during a busy day can be tough! This is where food preparation becomes crucial. Having meals prepared ahead of time takes the thinking out of eating. Here are some things we do to ensure we give our bodies what they need to keep us going and feeling our best:  
“Plan, prep and package – I layout my mid-day meals before I go to bed the night before so it’s grab and go in the morning crunch”
“I eat 3 minutes at a time. Seriously, I just have it ready to go and I don’t care if it’s warm or not”
“I bring containers with me wherever I go so I have something good to eat on the fly if needed.”
“Pack zero prep meals (canned seafood, food bars, fruit, boiled eggs”
“If I know I won’t be able to get one meal in I will prepare with protein shakes/bars but always take prepped whole foods for other meals. ”
Eating out is a cultural norm that can throw a wrench into even the best intentions. Since eating out can be disruptive to how we typically eat, being conscientious about our choices and mindful of our long term goals helps us enjoy the meal, the company and not feel bad physically or psychologically in the aftermath.
Here are a few eating out tips that we have provided for you.
Food is, first and foremost, fuel. Indulgence is okay every now and again, just keep in mind that less is more – savor the indulgence, enjoy it without gilt, just don’t over do it.
Don’t be hesitant to ask your server how particular foods are prepared or what ingredients they contain.
Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to be the one to consume it- that goes for bread, wine, dessert..
Slow down and stop eating when you are full. You don’t need to finish everything on your plate.
Stay tuned for Volume 7 on How the trainers eat coming soon!