There is something about sharing an experience which makes it special. This applies to everyday life and to special occasions but it also applies to your fitness training. Sharing the experience with a few people makes your fitness training something you can look forward to each week and has a way of building relationships. There are many reasons why group personal training is all the rage amongst fitness enthusiasts. It has become the perfect solution for a lot of fitness needs and comes with a lot of advantages.
Although visiting your local gym and health club to use the equipments is beneficial to your health, working out solo comes with a lot of challenges. One of the challenges associated with working out on your own is that it is very easy to hit a plateau and lose motivation. The best way to workout efficiently is to have a workout routine that is customized for you through the help of a personal trainer. That way you are sure that each workout is designed to get you closer to your fitness goals. The problem with this is that for many people, affording a personal trainer is not that easy as the fee for a personal trainer can be a bit on the high side. The solution to this is group personal training.
Group personal training allows you to train with the benefit of a personal trainer but without shouldering the cost of one. This is because the cost is split by all the members of the group. So you get the attention from a personal trainer and individualized instructions as well while paying a fraction of what you might have paid had you engaged that personal trainer all on your own.
Another advantage is that with group personal training, you get the added motivation from the energy which comes from a group of likeminded people. Seeing others with similar goals as you regularly encourages you to keep working out. When working out solo there are expectations you might have pertaining your progress which when they do not occur can kill your enthusiasm. One problem most people have when working out is setting unrealistic goals. What a group personal training experience will do for you is that you will see people like you progressing at the same of a similar rate to you and this will help keep you grounded. You can measure your progress against the progress of others in the group and know that you are progressing naturally.
If you have a large group of friends and family, you can persuade them to make up your group and that way, you are amongst people whom you feel comfortable with. This gives you an emotional support group as you move towards achieving your fitness goals.
Deciding on group personal training is good for your emotional, physical and economical wellbeing. You get to save money while achieving your fitness goals in an environment of support and encouragement. It is therefore not a surprise that group personal training is all the rage.