Client Name: Tamila Sayar
Age:  40
FIT member since:  I think August 2010
Goal starting your fitness program at FIT – My goal was and is to change my life style to promote better health.  My primary focus was, and continues to be weight loss.
Results: I have lost over 60 pounds, 6 sizes, definitely made long term lifestyle changes for myself and the family, and regained some strength and endurance.
What would you consider the keys to your fitness success? Showing up, taking it one day and one habit at a time, respecting, trusting connecting with my trainer (Matt) and the FIT environment, being ready to make the commitment, and having an exceptionally knowledgeable trainer to guide me.
How did you feel about your fitness and physique before starting your exercise program at FIT? Awful!!! Terrible!!!!
How do you feel about your fitness and physique now? I feel better, stronger, more active, and successful.
 What obstacles, if any, did you have to over come to maintain your commitment to fitness?  Given that I have 3 kids and the demanding line of work I am in, remembering to put myself first in order to show up every time no matter what, fearing failure, and self-consciousness. Having patience with the ups and downs in this process.
Want motivates you through your workouts? It’s the only hour in my day where I can just listen and do what I am being told to rather than giving the directions. I enjoy the discussions with my trainer and others as well as the challenges that each work out presents.
What motivates you to come back each day? For me, there’s no other option, I like to be challenged, I know I have to do it to continue to get results, I like the results I am getting and look forward to my sessions. I enjoy the environment and people at FIT, and LOVE  the post work out feeling.
Exercise Likes: Rowing, push ups and most other exercise activities.
Exercise Dislikes: That roller wheel thing Ab-Wheel
Personal Best:

  • PR 500 meter row: [1:53]
  • PR push ups: started at level 9 in the squat rack last August and is now performing pushups in sets of 10 from the floor with full range of motion!

What is your favorite workout music/song? Not sure since Most of the time I’m talking and not listening to music. I like a variety of songs.
What is your favorite healthy snack? Mixed nuts and berries with plain yogurt
What is your favorite non-gym physical activity? Swimming, walking on the beach
Trainers Comments: Matt – Tamila was a little bit intimidated when she first walked in the door, as this was something that she was wholly unfamiliar with.  While the first few sessions started out slowly, as soon as she started to see results, the enthusiasm increased, and now she’s more gung-ho than ever.  Missing a workout is not an option for her!  We have really tested her physically and mentally, taking her to new depths of what she thought she was physically capable of doing.  Really, there is nothing that she can’t do if she puts her mind to it.  It is great to have a client who won’t back down from a challenge and will fight a workout until the end to make sure she completes it.  Her hard work and dedication have definitely paid off.  Tamila has made amazing progress, and continues to improve every day – both in performance and in physique.