I recently read a story where a rabbi was quoted as suggesting that by giving an EXTRA ONE percent of daily effort, one could self-improve 365% by years’ end!  Everyone defines success differently, but fulfillment is almost always a primary component.  With the goal of giving one extra percent of effort a day towards our own personal success, we can ensure that we are keeping our eye on the ball and maintaining our commitment to leading a fulfilling life, not just a life that’s full.
The same rabbi also said, “People who are fortunate enough to have a partner who loves them, kids who idolize them, and friends who support them, MUST take this one percent for themselves.”  In essence, there are two forms of giving: giving of thyself and giving to oneself.
Ever notice that you are generally in a better mood on the days you workout?  That you sleep better?  That you are more fun to be around?  When you give to yourself, you nurture yourself, which in turns rejuvenates your soul and enables you to have more to give.  In the end, rather than feeling completely tapped and depleted, you will feel good about yourself AND good about all you were able to do for others.  You give, you get.
Think of it this way; if you only succeed in giving the extra 1% a day, for a third of the year, you will still be approximately 100% better off.  Think of the benefit of that 100% if it’s split between all the things that matter to you. All of a sudden, you are a better spouse, mother, friend etc… You will then be setting an example for those around you to follow the same principles and in effect, giving them the same gift that you allowed yourself to receive.
Having never really considered the origins of these holidays, it was recently brought to my attention that most are related to the celebration of light during the dark days of winter, so on that note, on behalf of all of us at FIT, we are thankful to the light that you bring to our days and wish you and your family a happy, healthy new year.