By: Angelo
Remember those old snow globes and how you’d pick them up and shake them to make a snow flurry?  After a while the snow would settle and you’d have to shake it up again?  Well, if you imagine your body as a snow globe, sitting at the computer or standing for a long time without much movement results in stagnation.  It’s these snow flurries of movement that get the blood, lymph, oxygen, nutrients, and metabolic wastes flowing more easily through your brain and body, which can result in a sense of renewal and alertness.
The video below will demonstrate several simple movements that will revive you in three minutes anywhere, any time, and without equipment.  Because these movements apply gentle stress to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, they help build tissue integrity and develop suppleness and extensibility.  They also provide an energizing massage to your internal organs assisting in their functions.  By exposing the body fuller ranges of motion, you stimulate production of synovial fluid and help keep your cartilage clean and healthy.  This is important because your joints rely on movement for their circulation.
To begin with, move slowly and within a small range of motion.  As you progress, try to move into a greater range of motion and move even slower.  In doing so, you’ll allow time for the fluids in your body to shift.  Here are some other things to keep in mind as you perform these movements with the video:
* Keep weight balanced on feet (or foot) throughout the whole movement.
* Move deliberately in a circle or specific pathway with control and stability.
* Maintain your breathing.  (It’s easy to get focused on the movement and forget to breath).
Try doing each of these 3 movements continuously for 1 minute every morning, afternoon, & evening for a week.  Take note of how you feel after each movement session and please share your experiences on our blog.
Click here for the Movement Video
If you need any clarification on these movements or want to get customized movements to address specific issues with your body, please feel free to contact Angelo: