Name: Allison Deeter
Age: Thirties
F.I.T. Member since August 22, 2007
Goal: Get stronger!
Results: When Alli first started her workout program, she could not do one strict pull-up, PR now is 11 straight pull ups with an underhand grip.  PR for bench press is 120lbs… and now she is a push-up machine.
Likes: will tolerate most exercises, but doesn’t really have a favorite.
Dislikes: ROWER!!!  (even though she is great at it) and burpees.
Key to success: Alli is a very disciplined and motivated client when it comes to her workouts.  She wouldn’t consider herself to be competitive against others, but she is competitive with herself.  I believe the main key to her success is she found activities she likes.  For Alli, working out isn’t work… except rowing; it’s enjoyable and purposeful. She runs because it reliefs stress, not because she has to.
In Ally’s words: “I find coming in with a sense of humor and a good attitude makes everything that much easier and enjoyable.  Shaun, you have both.  I also like seeing how much more I can do.  I don’t know if you remember, but when I first came in I couldn’t do one real push-up.  I like that you set things up to challenge me alone these lines.”