Summer break is a time for kids to relax and enjoy their hard earned vacation. Pool parties, sleepovers and bbq’s fill many summer days. However, with at least two months of down time and the elevated use technological gadgets, such as  Xbox, Wii and PS3, kids can find themselves on the couch more often than not. A great solution to summer inactivity is summer camps. General fitness and activity camps can keep kids moving and provide lifelong positive experiences.
The FIT Summer Fitness Camp is designed to accommodate all skill levels of children ages 7-15. Using general activities derived from sports and games, our camp will not only help your child maintain a higher level of fitness, but will also provide them with the sociological and psychological benefits associated with organized play. Positive self-esteem, teamwork, and confidence are just a few of the benefits gained from participation in the FIT Summer Fitness Camp.
Last years attendees had an excellent experience. As a coach, witnessing the pride of each child at being part of team and their excitement with the development of each new skills was an awesome thing to experience. Our goal is to provide a positive experience with movement that each child can carry with them for years to come.
For more information on the FIT Summer Fitness Camp, please contact FIT @ (650)947-9831 or visit