I’ve returned from South Africa, and thankfully our emergency has stabilized.  I will admit I was not able to eat paleo those two weeks; it was almost ethically impossible.  But since my return I’ve been very strict.  My primary goal was better performance, then to feel better with potential weight loss being a positive bonus. 
I’ve lost 5 pounds since I left for Africa on January 14th without counting calories.  The biggest change in my eating habits has happened on the weekends.  I don’t reward the long hours at work during the week with poor food choices on weekends.  I take the time to find quality foods while out rather than settling for what’s readily available.  I’m also finding that the craving for junk food vanishes as soon as I eat anything, so it might as well be high quality foods!
My performance has yet to match my weight loss.  So far I either have a really good workout, at least equal to my efforts prior to the change in eating habits, or I pretty much bonk.  I’m needing to eat closer to my workout time, an hour or less before, than in the past.  But I think I’m on the verge! I’ll keep you posted.