Thom Downing

Personal Trainer & Owner 

Spirit Animal: the Kodiak Brown Bear


Thom began establishing FiT’s role in shaping the health and wellbeing of Silicon Valley’s highest performers long before FiT itself came into being.  Working alongside countless physicians while pursuing his Master’s Degree and for some time after, Thom learned that while the medical community provided solutions to many problems and dysfunctions there were many other aspects to overall health and wellbeing that didn’t fall within the doctors’ scope of practice.  Collaboration with these physicians and others Thom encountered along the way, coupled with his personal experience working with thousands of patients and clients and those of his peers, led to the comprehensive approach that FiT employs to determine and address the keys to optimizing health and wellbeing for the individuals it serves.  

From the Silicon Valley elite to the area’s superlative sports franchises, Thom has successfully coached Bay Area high performers for over 2 decades.  Adding to the knowledge acquired through his schooling and experience, Thom, who has both his masters and bachelors degrees in Kinesiology, has researched and studied everything he could in the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition, neuroscience, sleep, and psychology.  Applying this knowledge and know how to his clients has enabled him to effectively turn around health profiles, guide clients in the adoption of life changing habits, and ultimately, enhance the vitality of those with whom he and his team of professionals has worked.  

Hard work and determination were ingrained in Thom at a young age.  His high school years were marked by a drive to compete in athletics at the collegiate level and to earn the respect of his community as a commercial salmon fisherman in his hometown of Kodiak, Alaska.  Venturing to the lower 48 in pursuit of higher education and the opportunity to play baseball at Southern Oregon initiated a series of events that led to the discovery of his true passion.  Unlocking the ‘secrets’ to a living a long and vibrant life and sharing those with others is Thom’s life work.  He is constantly learning and refining his practice for the benefit of others.  In addition to his work with individual clients, Thom provides corporate lectures, continues to collaborate, gives and receives training alongside area health professionals and other thought leaders, and has assisted in designing and testing various wellness related products and tools. 

Through common sense, research, and his own experience, Thom recognizes that making time for the people that are most important is key in the pursuit of living vibrantly and makes this his top priority.  He enjoys coaching his children in their chosen activities, spending time outdoors and connecting with loved ones. 

What I love about FiT: The comraderie with my co-workers, clients and community. I love learning about our clients, their history and their challenges to help them find sustainable solutions to feeling better and improving their health.

Favorite sports: I like anything sporty! From Football, Ice Hockey and baseball to the Olympics and even dodge ball and corn hole!!