Resourceful, empowered and dedicated are words we are using to describe our clients, trainers and others who have chosen to prioritize their health and wellbeing  while they shelter in place.  With parks, beaches, and other venues for physical activity being restricted and limited exercise equipment on hand at home,  it can be hard to stay motivated.  As we wonder, possibly fantasize, about returning to our normal routines, it may be time to consider optimizing our current situation and kick things up a notch now that we’re settled. 

Gains in strength and fitness occur when ‘imposed demands’ force the body to adapt – this is referred to as the SAID principle (specific adaptations to imposed demands).  In order for progress to be made and even to maintain strength, the imposed demands need to change – we do this through manipulating body position or joint angles, changes to the number of repetitions and sets, by changing the load and manipulation of other variables.  Whether because most retailers are sold out of these traditional forms of resistance or other challenges, those exercising at home have turned to alternative forms of resistance to get the job done – gallon bottles, laundry detergent jugs, backpacks and suitcases loaded with books.  These are great options but can also be uncomfortable and difficult to use – if you haven’t already seen this video of home exercise fails, it is good for a laugh.  While all of these are great options in a pinch, The Empack is readily available to ship, offers a variety of loads and is specifically designed to be used as a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell, enabling users to safely add resistance to a wide range of movements.  A variety of sizes are available based on the amount of weight you are seeking which is in the form of reservoirs that hold either 15 lbs of water or 21 lbs of sand.   The largest empack holds 4 reservoirs.  If you have ever tried traditional movements with water filled resistance, you will agree that the instability of water adds a whole new dimension.  

Adding to our endorsement of this product is that it is easily stored and perfect to travel with – the empty reservoirs collapse to be stored compactly and the bag itself can serve as your carry on luggage – yes, we will be able to travel again someday!  The empack ticks a number of boxes, not the least of which is helping to keep your workouts varied, safe and enjoyable as we continue to shelter-in-place.  Use code FIT20 to receive a 20% discount on your purchase!

As we continue to look for ways to stay connected to our pre-pandemic habits and routines, we encourage you to consider what helps to keep you motivated to take care of yourself.  If you feel like adding a new form of resistance or adding resistance to your new workout regimen, we encourage you to consider the empack as it may be the answer you are seeking.