IMG_5850This week we present to you Shaun Conness. One of FIT originals. Working at FIT for the past 15 years, Shaun is extremely knowledgable, funny and a hard worker. You will never miss a Wednesday without him saying “What day is it?!…HUMP DAY!” to brighten your morning. Read more about what Shaun does on the weekends, his fitness accomplishments and his favorite workouts.
LT: What is your favorite workout/movement?
SC: Style: Short duration, high intensity and efficient.
LT: How long have you worked at FiT?
SC: This July makes 15 years
LT: What is your favorite meal to cook?
SC: Egg scramble with bacon, onions and smoked gouda
LT: What do you do with your down time?
SC: Watch sports, movies, take naps and enjoy the outdoors
LT: What is your motivation to be the best you can be?
SC: Pride
LT: What are your fitness accomplishments?
SC: Sub 5 minute mile, deadlifting 2x my bodyweight and overhead squatting my bodyweight
LT: How do you prepare for the week?
SC: I have fun and sleep over the weekend
LT: What does your normal day of food look like?
SC: Eggs, meat, spinach salad and almond butter
LT: What is your favorite workout gear?
SC: Shorts and a t-shirt
LT: What is your daily routine?
SC: There is no routine, everyday is different.
LT: What do you do on the weekends?
SC: Enjoy life and relax with family and friends