Get ready for a challenge with Vitamoves. Inspired by martial arts, yoga, gymnastics, and corrective exercise, vitamoves are designed to increase your body’s intelligence and suppleness. You will become more injury-resilient and also stimulate the increased function of your eyes, lungs, gut, and heart.

Physical Benefits

  • The long-term health of muscles & joints
  • Promote good posture
  • Increase blood, lymph, & cerebrospinal fluid circulation

Mental Benefits

  • Challenge and exercise your brain
  • Move with more coordination and confidence
  • Start your week feeling clear-minded and revitalized

An eight-week course

You will be guided through an 8-week curriculum of novel & challenging movements.

8:30 AM TO 9:20 AM

Limited to 8 participants
$40 a session

To sign-up contact:

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