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Jeff Samson

Trainer & Assisted Stretch Therapist

Angelo De La Cruz

Orthopedic Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Jeffrey Prusmack

Personal Trainer and Neuromuscular Therapist

Brett Lando

Physical Therapist

Kendra Wagers

Massage Therapist

Sanne Mahieu

Yoga Instructor

Our Pledge

We’re not like other gyms.
We want you to hold us to the highest standard.
We will:

Create a space where feel welcome whether you're smiling, sweating, or grunting.
Work as a team so you benefit from all our minds.
Come well-prepared and punctual to all sessions.
Keep you focused on your goals, every hour, every day.
Inspire you to go the extra mile.

Jeff Samson

Martial Arts Trainer
Assisted Stretch Practitioner

Spirit Animal: Blue Whale


Jeff has been working with clients in the Bay Area since 2007 and performs personal training, martial arts instruction, and assisted stretching to youth, working adults and retired seniors. Most of his youth was spent as an unathletic chubby kid who found various ways of getting into trouble. It wasn't till he was a young adult that he began to study fitness, train himself and learn martial arts. He entered and won a fitness transformation competition in 2006 which changed his life forever. The personal training he received and positive changes he saw from the competition inspired him to teach others. Jeff went back to school and earned his Fitness Specialist certification through the Wellness and Human Performance Department of Mission College and has held certifications in Circular Strength Training, USAW Olympic Weightlifting, and Bioforce Conditioning Coach. He currently holds a BA in Humanities from The New College of California, is a Life Stretch Instructor through the Stretch to Win Institute and certified FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) practicioner. Jeff is a longtime local having lived in California all his life from San Diego to the Bay Area. When he's not training clients or learning new things about health and fitness he enjoys trying new restaurants, sipping specialty coffee, whiskey tasting, looking for whales in the sea and taking road trips.

What I love about FiT: Great space, staff, clients, ability to pursue my passions

Favorite sport: Jiujitsu

Sanne Mahieu

Yoga Instructor

Spirit Animal: Bear


Sanne has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and started teaching in 2017 after finishing her first (3 year) Yoga Teacher Training. Always looking to strengthen her capabilities as a teacher, she completed a second Yoga Teacher Training on the LYT Yoga method, developed by a physical therapist, bringing a deeper understanding of anatomy to her teaching. The focus of her classes, whether a faster paced vinyasa flow or a slower, gentler sequence, is to help students move functionally, creating  balance between stability (moving with control) and mobility (moving with ease), so you leave your mat feeling strong and adaptable in everyday life.


Sanne is originally from the Netherlands, and relocated to the Bay Area in 2021 for a grand adventure! In her free time, she likes to run, hike, have a beer with friends, and of course, explore everything in this beautiful new area that she lives in!

What I love about FiT: The relaxed atmosphere and how friendly and helpful everyone is.

Favorite sports: Yoga and Running!