Mitch Hash

Mitch has been passionate about sports and sports performance since childhood. Playing basketball, football, and baseball competitively through high school, he went on to play basketball through college. Graduating from Sonoma State with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, he chose to pursue his passion for movement and performance through personal training. He enjoys living a movement oriented lifestyle and having a job that enables him to inspire others to move more, move better and become more healthy.

Mitch values authenticity, self improvement, stimulating conversation, and good coffee. As a trainer, his goal is to aid and educate his clients in developing a positive relationship with their body and mind. He enjoys training strength, mobility, body control, and conditioning for all ages.

His own movement oriented lifestyle includes kettlebell training, gymnastics, powerlifting, running, hiking, hand-balancing, basketball, and rock climbing. By no means a professional at any of these, but the beauty is in the progress which keeps him motivated to keep working at these and pretty much any other physical challenge that sounds fun.

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