Mike Geller

Massage Therapist

Mike has always been fascinated by movement before his career as a massage therapist. As a kid he would be transfixed by the fancifully physical expression of old kung fu movies and the various powers of professional athletes. This interest in movement led to a jack of all trades approach to his sporting endevors. Everything from swimming,  skateboarding, cycling and some combative sports were explored.

This multi-sport interest also introduced Mike to a variety of injuries and showed him a new field of interest , injury recovery. More specifically,  Mike’s mind gravitated to the concepts of massage therapy and structural integration.

Mike’s professional massage career started in 1996 at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville , California. After completing that year long course,  he studied the Anatomy Trains protocol and the assessive techniques of that myofacial system.

The philosophy behind Mike’s work is to read the body gently and apply progressively focused technique to establish an effective direction for the session. He is aware that everyone has different preferences and goals when recieving bodywork and works to use a broad scope of knowledge to help meet those goals. Functional awareness and sensitive accuracy is accompanied by a touch that can be gentle or heavy depending on your needs. To this day he continues to study various modalities to enhance his skillful approach to bodywork .