Jeffrey Prusmack

Jeff has been working as a successful strength and fitness coach in commercial and corporate gyms since 2001. In that time, he has assisted the general population clientele reach their fitness goals, to where they have seen signifcant improvements in body composition, muscular strength, increase in daily energy, and overall well-being.  He also has experience working with the athletic population, in which many of them increased their sports performance.

As much as he can, he takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the client while specializing in program design and exercise technique. He is also a BioSignature Practitioner, a fat loss method that targets hormones and their related body fat storage sites.

His main area of interest in fitness is general strength training and weightlifting, and in addition to the many aspects of the fitness lifestyle such as nutrition and therapeutic modalities, Jeff enjoys taking naps, spending time with friends and family, drumming, and reading.  His current fitness goal is to compete in Olympic-style weightlifting, and aspires to continue to be successful personally and professionally.

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