Jeff Samson

Assisted Stretch Therapist

Jeff has devoted his life to his own health and that of those around him.  He performs private, partnered, and group fitness training with an emphasis on form and technique to youth, working adults and retired seniors.

He enjoys integrating his love of fitness and martial arts with travel, dining, dancing and good company.  Jeff recognizes the importance of balancing one’s pursuits with ‘down time’ spent reading, walking and meditating, as much as his more intense pursuits.

Jeff is a certified fascial stretch therapist and holds his Fitness Specialist certificate from the Wellness and Human Performance Department of Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.  He holds a Baccalaureate Degree from The New College of California and is USA Weightlifting L1 Sports Performance Coach certified.  Jeff is the winner of the inaugural Circular Strength Training (CST) RMAX International Transformation Challenge, he is an avid martial arts practitioner and a student of all things physical.  Jeff regularly attends continuing education courses in nutrition, posture, exercise, and martial arts.

“I love fitness and martial arts because it continues to transform my life for the better.  It informs me, challenges me, shapes me, and humbles me while giving me an outlet for creative expression.  On a simple note I just plain feel better from the inside out when I take care of myself though movement, nutrition, sleep, humor, play and a sense of purpose.  It’s my aim to connect with my clients and share what I’ve learned that will be pertinent to their living a long and healthy life.”

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