Dion Caruso

Building strength goes far beyond lifting heavy weights and growing muscle, although I am a competitive olympic weightlifter and love that stuff too. It’s about having more vitality, rugged health, a strong physical drive, better relationships, more abundance, and of course an awesome attractive body! This is a Holistic Approach to health, strength and happiness… you either get it, or you don’t.

After studying Exercise Science at San Francisco State University and being part of the baseball team and playing for the Milwaukee Brewers organization I continued to become the strongest version of myself by competing in different strength competitions. I soon knew my career would be centered around helping others find the value and joy in moving their bodies because the purpose of having our physical bodies is to perform. Our body is designed to move everyday and when we do not, there are a whole host of health problems that ensue.

Here is my promise to you, if you want to reach your full human potential and become the type of person that looks great, feels amazing and can do anything from a mind/body aspect then you are in the right place.

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