Individual Training

On Demand Training

Designed for clients requiring scheduling flexibility. Our On Demand Training enables clients to book sessions as often or infrequently as their needs and schedules allow. Clients may work with one trainer or multiple while maintaining consistency of programming due to a collaborative approach and shared notekeeping to ensure safe and efficient progress towards clients’ objectives. Sessions are 50 or 25 minutes in duration.

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Elite Program

Clients in our Elite Program are committed to their fitness program and optimizing their health whether or not they can attend sessions at FiT. This program guarantees reservation of the days and times that work best for the client. If, due to travel or other scheduling demands, the client is unable to make their scheduled session, their trainer will provide programming, support and accountability for them to maintain their commitment to their health when life has other plans. Sessions are 50 or 25 minutes in duration.

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Integrative Health Optimization Program (IHOP)

Optimizing health is the priority for clients who are granted access to our Integrative Health Optimization Program. In this program, the five domains of our health hierarchy come to life as clients have 24/7 access to their coaches.Weekly follow-ups with both their Integrative Health Coach and their high performance coachenabling them to overcome obstacles big and small, shift habits such that they embody the best version of themselves both in how they look and how they feel. Progress will also be tracked using relevant biometric data. Local clients in the IHOP are able to choose between two training options: three 50-minute training sessions per week or four 25-minute sessions per week. Clients outside of FiT’s geographic area may opt to have FiT coaches develop a fitness program for them or work with their trainer to ensure their exercise prescription is complementary to their stated goals. A minimum 12-week commitment required for participation.

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