Bodywork & Therapy

Orthopedic Massage

Results-driven therapy aiming to eliminate mechanical and neuromuscular distortions in your body that may be causing you pain, dysfunction, and non-optimal physical or mental performance. By working with your muscles, joints, and nervous system using the fundamental principles of physics and neurophysiology, and experience and knowledge of applied anatomy and kinesiology.

Benefits may include:

• Prevention and resolution of recurring soft-tissue injuries and chronic muscle tightness
• Decreased inflammation of injuries to speed proper healing
• Increased movement efficiency, function, and natural fluidity of your body
• Addressing hidden sources of pain and dysfunction
• Reduction in the harmful effects of an over-stressed body and mind

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Sports Massage

The benefits of sports massage are now recognized as an important component of a comprehensive training program.

Benefits may include:

• Speeding up recovery from injuries, reducing the risk of developing a chronic problem
• Reducing the effect of muscle soreness, allowing a faster recovery and higher level of training
• Maintaining muscles and fascia in their best state of relaxation, flexibility, range of motion, and nutrition
• Focuses on both mechanical and connective tissue functions

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Physical Therapy

We are a private physical therapy clinic specializing in the evaluation and treatment of sports related injuries. Our mission is simply to improve the quality of life as it pertains to deficiencies in movement and pain.

We strive to obtain your goals through evidenced based interventions in a comfortable environment that exceeds the needs and expectations of each and every patient.

Agile is one of the few clinics to offer 1 hour sessions with physical therapists and we do not use aides or assistants for patient care. Every member of our therapy staff has either advanced training or clinical specialty certification in orthopedic physical therapy to ensure every patient is provided with the highest level of care.

Our physical therapists will perform a thorough evaluation including posture, strength, range of motion and a functional biomechanical analysis of the involved region. They will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment program to address your needs.

We look forward to helping you obtain your goals.

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