FIT Member Spotlight June 2010

June 6, 2010

Randy Ditzler

Age: 45 years young

FIT Member since: July, 2008 – Happy 2-year Anniversary!

Goals upon starting at FIT:
1.    Travel for work and family with ease
2.    Strengthen low back following spinal fusion
3.    Improve muscular endurance and connective tissue dexterity
4.    Return to physical activities

Results upon dedication to workouts at FIT
1.    Just cleared by Doctors to resume activities such as golf and skiing (2011)
2.    Returned to ‘pain free’ business and personal travel
3.    Physically active 6 days/week
4.    Feels strong, healthy and happy every day

Likes: Hard, and focused work outs

Dislikes: Waiting between sets, negative people and back pain

Personal Records:
1.    Bench Press: 185×4
2.    Pull-Downs: 170×4
3.    11% Body fat
4.    More ‘ice’ time than the Sharks

Key’s to Randy’s success:
Trust, hard work & and a little bit of fear.  Randy has worked extremely hard at reaching his goals.  He knows his body well and can pick and choose when to push hard and when to taper back.  He has been through a very physically demanding rehab and has come out the other side healthier and happier.  The next phase in Randy’s recovery is choosing our next physical challenge… and “thanks to FIT for the support and help on the journey back.”   Randy Ditzler

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