First Week Completed -Tracey’s Paleo Experiment

January 18, 2010

Friday through Sunday – definitely  more challenging.  Friday: started work at 6:30 and had few breaks till leaving at 4:30.

2 Hard boiled egg and 1/2 an avocado

peppers and sugar snap peas

Almond butter

Steamed green beans and broccoli

Medium Paleokit

Roast Chicken and Green Beans

1 bite of Challah after Shabbat blessing

Saturday: equally busy.  Up with kids at 6, into work for 9 a.m. class and stayed till 11:30.  Ran errands most of mid-day until more time with kids then off to our ‘Holiday Party’.

Bacon and eggs

americano+raw milk x 2




Walnuts with a few raisins

Holiday Party:


skirt steak

broccolini and cauliflower – roasted

brussel sprouts with bacon and toasted almonds

mashed sweet potatoes and yams (mmmmm)

one bite of apple upside down cake

champagne and chardonnay

Sunday: Up with kids, spent day with my sisters family at their house, went to the mall, went out to dinner at Bucks of all places!  Haven’t had a chance to go shopping, running low on fruit.

scrambled eggs

half avocado

americano+raw milk

couple of blueberries

couple of grapes

1 bite of cheese off pizza delivered for everyone else:)

grilled chicken



Chicken picatta, broccoli, carrots and green beans


toasted almonds

All in all, I don’t think it has been as difficult as I thought it would be.  I flared up an old injury on Monday so haven’t trained but am a bit glad because I feel like if there has been an improvement in performance, it will be more notable having had a few more days under my belt.  At this point I would say improvements are more attributable to behavior modification than to the effects of eating clean.  Having said that, either way, I’m happy I’ve undertaken this challenge as I do feel I needed to bring consciousness back to my consumption.

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