Becca Fung

Physical Therapist

Becca Fung has been a physical therapist for over 11 years and has a board certification in Orthopedic Physical Therapy. During her career in Atlanta and the Bay Area, she has had the pleasure of working with several collegiate & professional athletes ranging from NFL & NCAA Division I football players to UFC fighters, professional tennis and MLS players, collegiate lacrosse players and Junior Olympic divers. She has found it inspiring to walk alongside athletes of all ages during their recoveries and rehabilitation experiences. While at USC for her Doctorate, Becca was involved in ACL prevention research. She also has a special interest in treating the amazing mamas of the world. Becca has been treating prenatal and postpartum patients for over 7 years and is excited to bring that to the women of Los Altos. She is passionate about helping empower women to embrace their strong and resilient bodies, especially following her own pregnancy and postpartum experience.