Laurie D.

When I first came to FIT, I needed to lose a lot of weight and was looking for help starting an exercise program to meet that goal. Great training and a supportive gym environment at FIT set me on a path to success for weight loss as well as improved strength and coordination. These changes have a positive impact on my life on a daily basis because I feel better, look better, have rehabilitated old injuries, and have a lot of energy. But the really interesting and possibly most important thing that I’ve learned is, when you spend a couple hours a week with a great trainer who believes that fitness may require hard work but can still be a lot of fun, that attitude starts to carry over to the rest of your life and initiates changes that extend way beyond the time in the gym. I highly recommend FIT – it’s a friendly and supportive environment where the training is tailored to the individual so it works well whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete.

Trainer: Shaun