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Quick Thoughts

March 4, 2010

Read time: 20 seconds Those who ask “What?” are in the long term rarely successful. Those who ask “What’s the reason?” are in the long term more  successful. Those who say “just tell me what to do” never own their diet or exercise. Those who say “tell me the reason why I do this” are … Continue Reading

“Fad” or Fact: Low-carbohydrate eating and health

January 8, 2010

Since 1863, following the writing of William Banting’s Letter of Corpulence, physicians would advise their obese patients to avoid carbohydrates, particularly sweets, starches, and refined carbohydrates, and this would continue for the part of the twentieth century. The Stanford University School of Medicine described the diet they prescribed for obesity in 1943, and it was … Continue Reading

Food as Fuel (or Fueling Obesity)

December 29, 2009

Read time: 2 minutes Over the years I’ve heard the word food being replaced by the word fuel. Coaches say it. Personal trainers say it. Weight loss experts say it. “Did you get enough sleep? Did you get enough fuel?” It’s not so much a matter of changing semantics but of changing mentality. And the mentality that food … Continue Reading

On Counting Calories

November 14, 2009

Read time: 2 minutes The energy balance equation, based on the Law of Energy Conservation, is utter nonsense when applied to a dynamic, open system like the human body. How is it that whole population can follow such advice as counting calories without further inquiry into whether this is even a natural practice? Did grandma … Continue Reading

Words and Phrases I Wish Would Die a Fiery Death

May 7, 2009

 Workout Workout? We work out a math problem. We work out an embedded splinter. We work out a bad constipation. We work out a rocky marriage. But what the hell do we workout with a dumbbell? Why not just call it exercise—because that’s what it is. Exercise. And if I had my choice, this word, … Continue Reading

The Secret to Success

April 27, 2009

The conversation goes something like this, “I’m trying to lose weight. I think my diet is generally pretty good, I’m exercising at least 2x/week at moderate intensity but I’m not losing weight. What can I do?” This is a direct quote from hundreds, probably thousands, of sources on a daily basis. Macronutrient (carbs, protein, fat) … Continue Reading