In our post, Treat Yourself – Get Some Sleep we discussed habits, or what we refer to as sleep hygiene adjustments, that support a good night’s sleep. Things like shutting down screens long before bedtime and eating earlier in the evening go a long way toward improving sleep quality. Another key component to sleeping through the night is comfort. We were recently introduced to a company that has set out to truly innovate the mattress industry which believe it or not, has not experienced any real innovation since the 19th century. Referred to as, the most intelligent sleep platform on the market, we wanted to share what Bryte Beds have to offer and give clients attending our Client Appreciation and Almost 20 year Anniversary party next weekend the chance to experience this bed first hand.

For centuries, sleep experience has remained fundamentally the same–aim to get your eight hours on a static mattress, wake up the next day, repeat. And, for centuries, technology and modernity have conspired to interfere with getting the quality, restorative rest our minds and bodies need to keep us performing at our peak and being our happiest, healthiest selves. 

You think about our screen time and blue-light stimulation late at night, or our always-on work and hustle culture, and it’s no wonder that sleep seems to be among the first forms of self-care to go. But what if, instead of technology wreaking havoc on your sleep cycles, it could actually help tailor a sleep experience that puts you to sleep faster, keeps you asleep longer, and wakes you up healthier and happier?

That’s what the folks at BRYTE are delivering. Two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and an AI data scientist spurred into action after hearing a friend’s story of having worlds of trouble sleeping due to an accident and subsequent surgeries that caused chronic pain, decided to see if there was a better way to reimagine the entire sleep experience.

Partnering with leading Cal-Berkeley sleep scientist Matthew Walker, they identified the core components that promote quality, “slow-wave” (deep) sleep: the kind of restorative sleep where our bodies “relax” into their default functioning mode. You can think of that as cerebral meditation that provides mental and physical rejuvenation for your body. Temperature, pressure, and light all play a role in determining the quantity and quality of sleep that you get. 

Their resulting BRYTE Bed utilizes the latest emerging technologies to control these factors in ways that are personalized for each individual sleeper and for couple sleepers, as well. With temperature regulation that helps you fall and stay asleep throughout the course of a night, a dynamic support system that adjusts to relieve pressure points and minimize wake-time, a lull experience that gently relaxes you, your mind and your muscles to sleep, plus a sunrise simulation that wakes you up naturally, the bed aims to be the first truly game-changing sleep system since the bed itself. 

It’s an incredible moonshot in the sleep industry: crafting a custom, calm, comfortable, natural sleep experience utilizing technologies never before applied to rest and should make even the busiest entrepreneur, multi-tasking mom or high-powered professional perk up in their chair … or, lay down on a very, very comfortable bed for a long, long time. Sounds like a BRYTE idea to us.