Hello fellow travelers! Traveling around the world, across the country or to a nearby city on business can be a long and hard journey for most of us. With this blog series you will learn how to travel wiser and healthier. For part 1 of Travel Tips you will learn some basic tips to follow when traveling.

You can minimize the impact of this time away from home on your health with these travel tips:

• Bring your own snacks/food for the hotel and plane. Plane food can become expensive and be loaded with sodium. Protein bars, trail mix and Emergen-C are a few essentials when traveling. Try eating a whole balanced meal including lean protein, whole grains and vegetables before take off to minimize eating during travel.
• Boost circulation in your legs by getting up and walking down the aisles every hour. Try performing a few lunges or squats for extra circulation.
• Drink a lot of water! Avoid soda, caffeine and alcohol as these can dehydrate you.
• 2-3 days prior to flight, adjust your sleep schedule by an hour or so to best suit where you are traveling.
• Schedule your flight in the evening if possible so you can head to the hotel and get some good quality shut eye.
While on a layover, it is best to do some exercises/stretching to keep your blood flowing and your body happy. Movements such as body weight squats, hamstring/quadricep stretches, lunges and push ups. When you are traveling internationally, it becomes more important to minimize your length of sitting. If you have time, walk through a few shops, freshen up in the bathroom or stimulate your brain by playing some Sudoku (standing up of course). Stay tuned for the series of Travel Tips and learn how to biohack your hotel room, eat smart while traveling, and maintain fitness. Comment below with your best travel tips!