Client Name: Cheryl Kershner
Age: 53
FIT member since: 9/15/11
Goal starting your fitness program at FIT: After over a year of competing in sports through chronic pain, in Oct. 2009, I was diagnosed with severe overuse injuries from hips through achilles. The Dr. told me to quit 70% of my activities. Not willing to give up my beloved outdoor activities, I figured I could winnow a few days, subtract a few miles & eliminate the more extreme hills, intervals & competitions. As I cut back more and more activities without lessening my pain, I realized I needed a professional to guide me. So when I started with Rick, my physical conditioning was at its lifetime worst.
Results: I am grateful to have Rick, with his vast knowledge and abilities set my work-outs. I am having a great time, wholly enjoying the uplifting, collegial atmosphere Tracey and Thom have created in FIT.

Cheryl Showing Off

Exercise Likes: All
Exercise Dislikes: None
What motivates you to come back each day? Enjoyment of the entire process.
How has your attitude towards strength training changed? As time (rarely) permitted, I used to do some resistance/weight work as rest breaks between intense aerobic activities. Due entirely to Rick, my regime with him is my priority & I fully intend for it to remain so.
Cheryl is an incredibly humble hard-worker. And if you ask Rick, she has shows up to every training session ready to work with a smile on her face. She is an excellent representative of the many hard-working people that come into FIT each day to take one step closer to their goals.
We’re proud to be a part of the process, Cheryl.