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Sometimes we struggle with how to discuss nutrition with clients.  As enthusiastic health and fitness professionals, our excitement about discussing nutrition can often overwhelm those we talk with, and make it seem as though we are crazy zealots out on a campaign against all the “healthy” foods endorsed in commercials and on box labels.  This is definitely not the case, but we do have an ironically novel message for those who will listen: Eat real foods, the way nature intended, and especially those that were eaten by our ancestors for millenia.
Dr. Willen helps us with this mission by providing a great concise video about the Paleo Diet.  While called a “caveman” diet by some, it really is the diet of our forebears, and what, as humans, we were intended to eat.  Watch the short 4 minute video, and then start a great dialogue about food with your ebullient and committed trainer about how to move you along the path of better health and sustained vitality.