Most of you are aware of Mark Sissson’s 10 rules of living a healthy life (if not, read them here).  Very similar but slightly different are Visual MD’s “The 9 Visual Rules of Wellness.”  Visual MD has created a website off of the premise that most of us are visual learners and that most of us respond to a story.  The result is a very comprehensive website full of information regarding your health told via videos, pictures and stories.
Below are the 9 visual Rules of Wellness as stated by Visual MD:
1) Baseline Your Health
2) Define Your Wellness Mission
3) Develop and Maintain Nutritional Balance
4) Get Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
5) Never Smoke, But if you smoke now, QUIT
6) Take a Moderate Approach
7) Make Sleep a Priority
8) Manage Your Stress
9) Embrace Joy
To learn more about Visual MD, listen to the TEDMED video by Alexander Tsiarias and visit their website  Have fun exploring and learning!