Organic.  Grass Fed.  Free-Range.  These are just some of the words many now use when referring to a cut of meat and what most look for when approaching the butcher.  But are you really aware of the benefits of the above?  Do you know exactly what you are looking for, what to ask for, and most importantly WHY it is good for you?
Starting this week at FIT, we will be selling Thompson’s River Ranch Wagyu Beef.  At FIT, we believe in eating fresh, whole food that is not only good for you, but also taste good, which is why we want to make TRR’s Wagyu Beef readily available for you.
Below are the top 5 reason’s why TRR’s Wagyu Beef should be TOP on your list:
5)  Because you no longer have to wonder if your Butcher is skimping on the details.  Are you aware that Whole Food’s Beef is NOT rated?  Do you know exactly where your Beef comes from?  One of our very own clients at FIT, Clydene Bultman, pursued her passion for eating well and is now bringing us dinner directly from her Ranch.  She will answer ALL your questions and provide you with every detail from ranch to table.
4)  Because it is GRADED well.  The average USDA scale for meat is 3 levels – Select, Choice & Prime.  The Japanese scale has 12 levels.  TRR’s Wagyu beef is routinely graded on a Japanese level of 7-8 and over 90% are Prime cuts.
3)  Because it is not only WHAT the cow is fed but HOW LONG it is fed.  The average cow is slaughtered at 18 months but intense marbling does not take place until later in a cow’s life (28-36 months).  The combination of longevity and TRR’s nutrition program, which consists of a grass-fed/grain-finished regime, produces a slow healthy growth and fat production, intense marbling and incredible taste.
2) Because it’s GOOD for you!  Excellent source of protein, Vitamins B-6 & B-12, Beneficial Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids, 6:1 Ratio of Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids to Saturated Fatty Acids.  Still worried that it is Beef and Beef is “fatty”?  Take note:  Wagyu’s Beef fat profile is similar to that of Salmon.
1) Because it TASTE good.  Genetically different from the traditional American breeds, Wagyu (Kobe) beef are world renowned for their marbling abilities far surpassing the traditional American cut in taste and tenderness.

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