Over the course of 10+ years of working with families and their children with special needs, I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people.  Most parents do not seek out the adventure of raising a child with special needs, but many embrace the challenge resulting in an unexplainable roller coaster of raising a very special child who gives you the gift of an entirely different outlook on life.  And then there are some amazing families who choose this journey by means of organizations such as Reece’s Rainbow.  The Anderson family chose to help not one,  but five individuals with differing abilities.  Needless to say, FIT is happy to adopt the Anderson family this holiday season…
Details:  This year, everything is listed online at MyRegistry  .  You may purchase gifts online and/or mail them to FIT or feel free to purchase elsewhere and just drop them off at FIT (monetary donations are also welcome).
*Being the selfless family that they are, we only got a few suggestions.  More information about the family is listed below.  Please feel free to get creative!!  They live a very simple lifestyle, in a very simple house w/ a wide range of abilities!
**If the above link does not work, go to www.myregistry.com and search for FIT Family
Dates:  Please deliver all gifts and/or money to FIT by Tuesday, December 20th.
Other ideas (not listed online):  hats, gloves, socks (basics), coats, family games, ipods or other musical devices, learning games (Wi games), cooking supplies or easy to follow cookbooks, basic living needs (toothpaste, shampoo, etc)
Questions??  email Jen@focusedtrainers.com

About the Anderson Family

Thirty-one years ago, Sky and Fay Anderson began their family with the Adoption of Jonathon (31), a month old baby who would prove to have a talent for and love of music despite such substantial issues as Autism, vision impairments (legally blind), and other physical challenges.  They soon adopted Francisco (32) who had suffered different debilitating forms of abuse which left him with cognitive limitations and behavioral issues but he can now win you in a heartbeat with his warm, friendly, and all-embracing personality.  Francisco understands that he suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and has the ability to talk about it with a healthy attitude.  Sara was next to join the family, but due to severe medical problems she died in 1998 at age 14.  To this day, Sara remains an integral part of the children’s lives as they often speak lovingly of her as their sister “who is in heaven.”  Soon after Sara, this amazing couple had gone on to adopt a very sweet and lovely boy named Tim (20) who has Down Syndrome.  And the last to join the clan was Lisa (17) a girl on the Autism Spectrum with a sweet disposition who loves jewelry.
Sky suffers from a rare neurological disorder which keeps him in constant pain for which there is no relief.  Nevertheless, he is an ordained minister, and despite the physical challenges he endures, he continues to perform the duties of his ministry and has long been known to be an active advocate for the poor and marginalized in society.  To see him with his children is to see what it is to be a loving father.
Fay is a completely selfless individual who lives for her husband and children.  She is in a state of constant vigilance for the safety and welfare of each one, gracefully looking and turning, loving and supporting them with a gentle smile on her face while she, herself, manages diabetes and a bad right knee.  She has seven siblings in Arizona whom she calls every weekend but whom she has not seen since 2000.  She cannot leave her children due to their unique dietary, medical, and emotional needs.
Sky and Fay would be extraordinary under any circumstances, but the fact that they live in the most humble of homes while considering themselves among the most fortunate puts them in a league of their own.  As one finishes even a brief visit with them, one will be accompanied to the sidewalk and hear Fay’s lovely voice say to you, “God bless you.”  And after time spent with the Anderson’s, one has indeed been blessed.

A special thanks to Karen from CAA for the write-up

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