Congratulations Guys!
We made it through the 30 days.  For those of you that started early, extra congratulations; and those who started late and are still working their way through their 30 days, good luck with the final days!  I just wanted to give you all some helpful tips for how to proceed now that your 30 days are up.  I have heard a lot of great success stories from some of you, which is awesome and very inspiring.  Some of you, though,  report being a little nervous to dive back into other foods.  Remember that the contention is that there is no reason to reintroduce those foods in the first place.  There is NO REASON to ever go back to eating grains.  All of the nutrition that you need is provided in the foods that you have been eating for the last 30 days.
If, however, that is unrealistic in your life, there are a few things to keep in mind when you step out of the Whole 30.  First, and foremost, don’t just start reintroducing foods back in after your 30 days – this last month was a chance for you to reset your digestive system and learn how you react to foods.  Don’t just discount all that by opening the flood gates right away.  If you feel good without adding anything in for the rest of the week, then don’t.  There’s no sense in trying to rush the reintroduction of potentially insulting foods back into your system.
Second, only introduce one food at a time back into your eating plan.  This will allow you to know if that particular food is itself insulting to YOU.  Eat regularly for the rest of the day to see how your body responds to the new intake.  Give yourself a day in-between, then try again with another new food.  If you feel that there are other foods that you want to try and reintroduce, keep following this pattern.  Remember though, there is no rush to bring foods back in.
Like we have said many times, EVERYTHING you eat should move you in the direction of better health.  Be honest with your food choices.
Hopefully you all have had an enjoyable, eye-opening experience on this journey – I know I am continually inspired and impressed by the tenacity and positive improvements that some have you have relayed to me.  Keep them coming!  I would love to hear from all of you – either privately (email, conversation, text) or through the forum – about your obstacles and successes with the Whole 30.  Thanks.