Glenda has been training at FIT for almost 4 years and is disciplined and dedicated to her health and fitness.  She trains with Danielle 2-3 times a week, and walks the Los Altos hills on alternate days. With the busy schedule of a CEO, Glenda wanted to improve her physical fitness but was challenged with finding the time.   When she first walked in the door at FIT, she was not participating in any physical activity.  Her goal was to increase her strength, endurance, and overall health and fitness.  Glenda has improved in all areas, especially her strength.
Currently, Glenda is deadlifting 75kg, back squatting 50kg, and bench-pressing 27.5lb dumbbells.  Additionally, she is performing 3 sets of 8 assisted pull-ups with a resistance band.  One of Glenda’s goals is to deadlift 1.5 times her body weight, which is approximately 85kg.  She is almost there!  Check out her 75kg PR in the deadlift (accomplished on 7/9/11)
Congrats Glenda! Your hard work and dedication are paying off!