The Avon Breast Cancer Walk was held in San Francisco on July 9th and 10th. Ruth Patterson and Paula Rini, both members at FIT, attended.
We walked a marathon on Saturday and a little over a half-marathon on Sunday, completing a total of 42 miles and raising over $10,000.  It was an inspiring and emotionally empowering event, and one we were
proud to be a part of.
We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful walk through San Francisco: starting along the waterfront, winding through downtown, North Beach and Pacific Heights, and then crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.
Our lunch stop was Fort Baker at the base of the bridge; although chilly and windy, the views back to the city were spectacular.  Finishing lunch, the course took us through Sausalito and along Richardson Bay to Mill Valley and Corte Madera.  All along the way we were cheered on by the sweep vans, bicycle police in pink polo shirts (with boom boxes strapped on the bikes), and volunteers on motorcycles sporting pink wigs or tutus.  It was a joyful and celebratory atmosphere.  The walkers felt so appreciated, especially when residents along the route came out to offer us fresh strawberries or small chocolates to boost our energy.
Through this amazing event, more than 4.2 million dollars was raised for the Avon Foundation.  These donations will go toward medical treatments for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as research to help find a cure.
Paula Rini
Things I got from the Avon Walk:
By Ruth Patterson

  • A wonderful gift for my mom – 90 years old and doesn’t want things – doing this walk in my mom’s honor really meant a lot more to her than any physical gift. She talks about it all the time!
  • Appreciation for my family and friends – so supportive
  • Amazement  at the widespread impact of breast cancer on so many lives – a new diagnosis every 3 minutes is sobering
  • Hope for the research and steps taken to fight the disease
  • Admiration –  for the courage and determination of so many survivors and current patients
  • Thankfulness for my own good health and fitness
  • An uplifting experience with my awesome friend Paula
  • Another example of how great a trainer Danielle is! (we were SO prepared)


  • My “Fight Like a Girl” T-shirts from FIT – worn on the walk

It is not too late to donate if this is a cause you want to support: