Client Name: Deanna Williams
Age: 31
FIT member since: 07/01/2010 (I think)

Goal starting your fitness program at FIT: When I first started at FIT my goal was to look great in my wedding dress.
Results: I think you will have to ask my husband.
How did you feel about your fitness and physique before starting your exercise program at FIT? I thought was in good shape until I did my physical assessment test with Matt. 
How do you feel about your fitness and physique now? I am really proud of how far I have come in the last ten months. I have not only seen a physical change, my strength training has improved as well.

What would you consider the keys to your fitness success? Crossfit, the trainers, and my commitment to living a healthier life style.
What obstacles, if any, did you have to over come to maintain your commitment to fitness? My alarm clock, 5:30 a.m. Crossfit is early in the morning but worth it.

What motivates you through your workouts? The more
experienced crossfitters and not wanting to finish last.  
What motivates you to come back each day? The people in the Crossfit classes.

Exercise Likes: The crazy named WODs. Nothing is more satisfying then saying I just completed the Filthy Fifty.

Exercise Dislikes: Rowing
Personal Best: in most weight lifting exercises I no longer have to use the training bar. This is a big accomplishment.

PR Deadlift: 60kg
PR Push Press: 30kg
What is your favorite workout music/song? 90s Hip Hop
What is your favorite healthy snack? carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.

Do you have a favorite recipe? If so, would you like to share it with us? Peasant Stew from Cooking Light
Trainers Comments
Jimmy: The key to Deanna’s success has been her training consistency and more importantly her tenacity.  Her determination to improve, finish workouts, and push herself beyond her comfort zone has not gone unnoticed by any CrossFIT coach or member.  She started completely new to training and in a short period of time has become proficient in all the movements CrossFIT employs, including weightlifting (clean and jerk and snatch).  She is an inspiration to both CrossFIT beginners and veterans alike.  I see a confidence in Deanna that wasn’t there when she first came to FIT and it shows as she flashes her smile more and more!