Before attempting to increase insulin sensitivity, try to focus first on normalizing your insulin ebb and flow by strictly following the suggestions below…..
For one week, eat only meats (of all kinds), lots of fibrous vegetables, and some citrus  fruits, berries, and nuts. Do not  worry about counting calories during this period. Just get your body  to readjust to utilizing carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits,  instead of fast carbohydrates from grain-based (processed) and root-based sources.
– Meats (better if not processed — real meats slow gastric emptying)
– Whole Eggs
– Lots of fibrous vegetables, a good variety
– Some citrus fruits
– Berries
– Nuts
Next week  focus on enhancing insulin sensitivity via short (18-24hour) , intermitent (1-2x/week) periods of not eating (IF). This will begin to help your body to rely on fat as an energy source rather than glucose.
Also,  remember: just like drug or alcohol rehabilitation, dietary rehabilitation requires conscious work and effort at the beginning. It  will slowly get better with the return of metabolic and hormonal health.
To be continued……