If you are not looking forward to the massive sugar explosion that is often unleashed on both children and parents during Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of  alternative treat suggestions.
At home treats – instead of the bowl of mini-candy bars
Dark Chocolate Almond Bark: Melt 2-3 organic dark chocolate (80%-90%) bars.  Pour mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Sprinkle raw, organic almonds (or slice/crush if you prefer) across melted chocolate and place in freezer for minimum of 60 minutes.  Break into pieces and enjoy.
Dark Chocolate CocoNut Balls: Mix 1c almonds, 1c pecans, 1/2c walnuts in the food processor and set aside.  Mix 6 pitted dates with 1 tbsp raw, virgin coconut oil, and add to the nut mixture slowly until all is mixed thoroughly in the food processor.  While running food processor, add 1tsp of pure vanilla extract and 1 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder.  Add 2-3 tbsp raw coconut (if desired).  Scoop mixture out of processing bowl and mold into small balls (fitting in your palm) and place in the freezer (in tupperware or on parchment paper) for at least 60 minutes.  Once they are firm, melt 1 dark chocolate bar (80%), and drizzle the melted chocolate over balls, placing back in the freezer for at least 60 minutes.  Enjoy.
Roasted Nuts: In gallon-size ziploc bag, toss 1c each: raw almonds, walnuts, pecans and/or cashews in 2-3 tbsp heated coconut oil (liquid).  When all nuts are covered, place on cookie sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon, nutmeg, celtic sea salt, making sure to cover all nuts.  Roast for up to 15 minutes at 350.  Keep an eye on them as the coconut oil will heat up quickly!  These are great placed in a bowl and left around the house to snack on.
Instead of handing out candy, try:
Raw nuts or dried fruit purchased at the farmers market
Raw apples (they’re in season! yeah!)
Mini bagged carrots (they look like fingers – scary!)
String Cheese
Boxes of raisins
Mini dark chocolate covered raisins
If you choose to go the non-food route, school supplies and fun treat-bags often get a smile and a giggle too!  Think of mini-slinkies, koosh balls, erasers, and kids sunglasses.
If you have suggestions that you’d like to share, please email analisa@focusedtrainers.com .