Last month we asked that you take 15 minutes to listen to Jeremy’s story regarding his adventures of learning to ride a bike.  You watched, you supported and Jeremy succeeded and achieved his 15 miles of fame. 
This month we are asking for your support of the entire FITBuddies program as we try to reach out to more individuals in the community just like Jeremy.  Please help us by taking 15 seconds to vote for FITBuddies in the Pepsi Refresh Contest EVERY DAY during the month of October.
FITBuddies is in the running to win $25,000 in grant money from the Pepsi Refresh Contest which would be used to help expand the program and support more individuals, like Mahayla, who come to FITBuddies with the help of scholarship money.

PLEASE take 15 seconds to VOTE
PLEASE pass on the link to 15 friends, family and co-workers
Text 102861 to Pepsi (73774)
Thank you for your constant support of FITBuddies!!