Client Name: Patrick Wai
Age: 44
FIT member since: February 2010
3 years ago I was working constantly and never had time to exercise or eat well. My body weight climbed to 197.  Then, in November 2009 I hurt my back.  The pain was so severe that even with medication I couldn’t drive.  It took over 2 months of intense therapy and exercise before I felt better.  During that time Tony from Agile Physical Therapy introduced me to FIT and I started working with Danielle Durante.  It took a lot of time, sweat and tears, but gradually my core strength increased and my stamina improved.  I never want to experience that back pain again.  My goals are to remain pain free, become stronger, and have more energy.
I have been pain free for 8 months.  I am also stronger, have more energy, and (the best part) I can lift and carry both of my kids at the same time without straining my back.
Exercise Likes: push-ups and the elliptical machine.
Exercise Dislikes: “man maker” workouts, and any exercise involving the gymnastic rings.
Personal Best: 15 pull-ups, 50 push-ups in a minute, and successfully climbing the rope on the first try.
What do you enjoy about training at FIT? Everyone is so friendly at FIT.  They are never too busy to say hello or offer assistance with an exercise.
Challenges Patrick’s faces: It’s never easy to find the time to exercise, but I consider my health one of my top priorities.  Also, when I am busy it’s difficult to eat right.
Key to Patrick’s success: There are no short cuts – at the end of the day the key to success is hard work and consistency.
Want motivates Patrick to keep coming back, and adopt a healthier lifestyle? I want to remain healthy for my loved ones.
In Patrick’s words:
If I had known how much of a difference having a trainer would make in my exercise regime, I would’ve hired one ten years ago.  It’s has made a world of difference having a professional provide guidance so I don’t hurt myself, motivate me when I am feeling sluggish, and change the workouts to keep the routines interesting.  Danielle and FIT have played a key role in my recovery from back pain.
Patrick’s favorite workout music is Top 40 remixes.
Patrick’s favorite healthy snack is fresh fruit.
When Patrick is not working hard in the gym he enjoys playing outside with his kids.
In Danielle’s words:
The keys to Patrick’s success lies in his consistency, coming to FIT twice a week for half hour sessions, and his diligence to training on his own two to three times per week.  Patrick also pays close attention to eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, and managing stress.  When Patrick started training at FIT in February, he had a couple of goals in mind: 1) he wanted to be free of back pain free, 2) improve overall fitness (increasing strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility), and 3) to develop the stamina to keep up with his children.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, Patrick is now pain free!  We really focused on building his core strength and improving his muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  Patrick can now do strict pull-ups and push-ups for multiple repetitions, back squat and bench press his son and daughter’s weight, and is starting to learn more complex movements such as olympic weightlifting cleans.  Having a healthier lifestyle has enabled Patrick to keep up with his kiddos and loved ones.  Patrick is always a pleasure to work with and we are proud that you are part of FIT.  Good work!