Linda Hinton
Age: 47

FIT Member Since: 4/2005
Goals Starting at FIT: To get ripped!
Results: “On my way! I have the guns, now I need the rest of the arsenal!”
Exercise Likes: Weigthlifting
Exercise dislikes: Burpees
Personal Best (PR): Clean & Jerk 47.5kg   Snatch 35kg
Keys to Linda’s success: “Knowing what time I’m going to train and never missing the session”.
Challenges Linda faces: “Bad knees and a repaired Achilles tendon, plus old age”
What motivates Linda to continue adopting a healthier lifestyle and keep coming back to FIT? “Being able to lift more than Mariko, my 14 year old daughter and of course the FIT trainers”.
Linda’s favorite workout music and artist is Eminem
Linda’s  favorite healthy snack is fruit

Favorite non-gym physical activity? When Linda is not working out in the crossfit class, she enjoys Kayaking
In Linda’s words: It took me 45 years to learn and realize that you just have to do it! You have to workout and make it as important as anything else in your life.

In the Trainers words: Linda was one of, if not the first, CrossFIT client at FIT.  She began in personal training and now trains solely in our CrossFIT program.  When Linda began her training program, her knees would not allow her to run.  She had difficulty squatting and you couldn’t get her to jump!  Now, her favorite mode of exercise is weightlifting.  She is sprinting and racing her daughter Mariko during workouts, and jumping on the 18” box. She has changed her diet, lost weight, gotten stronger and more powerful, and even got a great new haircut! Linda’s dedication and hard work combined with her great attitude has made a huge impact on her life and has earned her Client of the Month at FIT. – James Noriega