When it comes to physical well-being, exercise is considered an essential part of wellness. In the case of exercise at F.I.T., the contribution of group training to social wellness should not be overlooked.
It was at the end of an hour session during a very intense (remember intensity is relative) workout, and Mike was fighting through “one of those days.” Mike wasn’t going to quit, he never does.  But what I really found inspiring about that day was the other 5 group members.  They stayed after the session to cheer Mike on to the end.  And, after Mike finished the workout laying on the floor exhausted, the group helped break down his barbell and cleaned-up.  That’s CrossFIT at F.I.T.: everyone working as hard as they can, pushing themselves to their individual limit, and sharing the experience.
We’ve all been where Mike was at some point in our training.  And what I love about training with the CrossFIT group is that when I’m not having my strongest day, the motivation and support the group provides will push me through the workout.  Then there are the days that the WOD (workout of the day) favors my skills and I’m able to be the inspiration for others in the class.  It goes both ways and it changes direction daily just like the WODs.
There is inherent competition in the group setting and we welcome it because it
pushes us beyond what we thought we were capable of and allows us to reach our next level of fitness.  But more important than competition, there is a camaraderie that bonds the group, makes the workout enjoyable, and keeps everyone positive and consistent with their training, which is ultimately the key to everyone’s success.
The above example is why we consider the community at F.I.T. to be a key ingredient to the wellness and success of our clients.  Having a connection to the people in a workout group not only increases adherence to an exercise program, but, as we know and studies support, exercise is more fun when done with friends.