Charles (Van) Van Wagner
Age: 78 years young
FIT Member Since: Oct. 6, 2009
Goals upon starting at FIT: To continue to feel physically stronger and be able to walk farther without stopping due to leg pain related to P.A.D. (peripheral artery disease)
Results: When Van first stated his exercise program at FIT, he was walking on the treadmill at a pace of 1.5 mph for an average of 2 to 3 minutes before reaching the pain scale threshold. Currently, Van is walking 9 to 10 minutes continuously at a varied pace of 2.1 mph to 2.3 mph before reaching the pain scale threshold.
Besides a circuit of various strength training activities, Van has also added rowing to his workout routine.  His current rowing PR is 400 meters with an average watt of 57.
Likes: “All exercises that have been introduced are OK with me”
Dislikes: “I am not fond of the leg press, due to a knee problem.”
Key’s to Van’s Success:
“Van comes in with a “can do” attitude.  He is open and willing to try new
activities and pushes himself a little more each session”. – Karen
“Van is the man!  He has never missed a session and always arrives on time and ready to go.  Van is always willing and ready to be pushed just a little further but loves to jokingly complain that every time he accomplishes a goal that I’m going to “write that down with a big smiley face and tell Karen all about it” knowing that he’s just progressed a little further.  His walking has improved tremendously but he has made one thing very clear: “I will never, never want to take a treadmill home with me.” – Jen
In Van’s Words:
What has your experience at FIT been like?
“Aside from greatly improving my body physically, I’ve had fun, lots of good
conversations and laughs with the wonderful staff at FIT. Like Thom said, ‘this
isn’t the YMCA.’ I know, I tried the Y for 3 months.”
What motivates you to come back?
“Karen, Jen and the staff that make me feel so good.”