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Exercise makes us fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, and it helps prevent a host of diseases.
Nutrition can make us healthier, but it can also make us sick. Eat poorly and exercise becomes critical to preventing diseases that poor nutrition might cause. Eat well, however, and exercise is ultimately for fun.
And, no matter how you cut it:
exercise + good nutrition = look better naked
Many of you exercise and eat a proper diet. Kudos. It shows in many ways, even with your clothes on.
But I personally know many people who exercise to offset a tendency toward poor nutrition. This works to a point. But, as the saying goes: You can’t out-exercise a crappy diet.
Of course, enjoying some less-nutritious food doesn’t make the entire diet crappy. I certainly enjoy the homemade carrot cupcakes (and I mean loaded with carrots and love) someone made for my birthday, and I ate them with half a bottle of Viognier. (Well, OK, the entire bottle.)
My diet, though, is definitely not crappy. I understand balance, and my food intake tips the dietary scale toward nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse foods that are wholesome and real. I tend to bypass processed foods (unless it’s hand-made with love).
The point, we do better if we know more about our food — where it comes from, how it’s made. We benefit in knowing what it does to the body. We don’t need to assign grams, calories, blocks, macronutrients, micronutrients to food as much as we need to know what food is wholesome and what is processed. Then just choose more of the former and less the latter… but enjoy the latter to the utmost once in a while, maybe with a good bottle of wine.
In the end, workout all you want, but it’s only a fraction of the picture. Nutrition is the major (often neglected) part. 
March is National Nutrition Month. In this newsletter, I hope you’ll enjoy nutrition articles by FIT trainers… maybe with a glass of good wine.
Johnny Nguyen
March 24, 2010