So, the ‘diet’ has been going well.  Definitely room for some tweaking in terms of further reducing sugar consumption.  I still prefer fruit to veg but also recognize that anything I consume is still significantly better than where I was a month ago.  I have realized that overall, my eating ‘habits’ leave a bit to be desired.  It seems I often snack more for something to do than for actual physical necessity.  Again, my choices are better but overall as a habit, it’s one that needs to change.
As far as physical changes, my weight remains stable, my energy is same or maybe slightly better, I’m just getting back to working out so more to come on that.  Meal prep has become less thought/labor intensive.  Did find our ski trip to be a bit more challenging with a stop at Ikeda in Auburn (protein style. . . and yes, a sip of jake’s chocolate milkshake) and lodge food during the day but did my best – salad, minus the blue cheese but did have corn and maybe beans if I remember correctly.  Again, I was definitely more mindful of my choices so that alone was a success – and no snickers which is my usual skiing only treat.
Meals have been along same lines all along although have been experimenting with different seasonings and preparations.  Last night was great with the brussel sprout recipe from this months stall street + halibut pan seared in rendered bacon fat with a ginger, lemon sauce and a sprinkle of garam marsala.  Yum.